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A Guide to Real Estate Investment In Barcelona

Since 2017, Spain and especially Barcelona, is one of the top touristic destinations in the world. Consequently, rental homes, properties, and real estate prices in general skyrocketed in Barcelona. So, if you’re thinking of getting a piece of this market, this article is for you.

Why You Should Invest in Real Estate in Barcelona

Location Of The City

Located between the sea and the mountains, Barcelona offers a sweet mediteranean climate all year long. Being close to France and Portugal, the city also has an international airport and excellent transportation connectivity to other major European cities. It is a perfect location for businesses and individuals because of the city’s dynamic culture, history and technological advancements.

Global Brand

According to a report by International Statistics, Barcelona is ranked among the highest cities with quality of the working population. It is also the city with the highest progress rate and the European city with the highest number of foreign investments. Barcelona is always a city where events happen, whether they are cultural, professionnal or sportive. Since the Olympics Games of 1992, that Barcelona hosted, the city has undergone major works and improvements of its infrastructures to create an attractive city, for both expats and tourists.

Education, Tourism, and Culture

The city of Barcelona is blessed with more than 50 private and public universities. Thousands of international students can be found in the streets of the city. If you’re willing to invest in the Catalan Capital, this means you have plenty of opportunities to invest in studio or city-center flats to rent for students. With more than 32 million visitors per year, Barcelona is also a great place to invest for tourist rental. Indeed, the city offers a lot when it comes to tourism and culture, with the famous modernist landmarks such as Sagrada Familia or Park Güell, and the very popular beachfront.

Areas To Invest In Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is a multi-faceted city and this is due to its different districts. Each area of the city has its own architecture and history, making it a city with a rich landscape. From the old historical centre of Ciutat Vella to the modernist district of Eixample and the Barceloneta, discover the neighbourhoods in which to invest.

  • Barceloneta: the beachfront district is an excellent choice to invest in tourist and student rentals. During summer, the population of the district triples. A lot of opportunities are handed to investors with old small to medium apartments to renovate.
  • Born: El Born is one of the central historic district of Barcelona, located right in the Ciutat Vella. This very old section of Barcelona is famous for its medieval cobblestone streets. This is a popular place to live, with bars, shops, and restaurants. The houses here are very old, and you have plenty of opportunities to invest in a studio, a flat, or an atico, a rooftop flat.
  • Gotico: this is the epitome of the city’s Roman legacy. Full of tourist sites and loud nightlife. The downside of Gotico is the expensive cost of repairs and maintenance of properties.
  • San Antoni: it is one of the most trendy district to live in right now. Located at the doors of the old city center, San Antoni offers a quieter life yet all the shops, restaurants and bars locals and tourist need to have fun and have a good quality of life. It is adequate for all ages and has cheap and nice flats.

How To Invest In Barcelona

The best way to avoid frauds and scams is to follow the right path. LOCA BARCELONA helps both locals and foreigners to acquire properties in the best parts of the city. The services of LOCA BARCELONA are not limited to the acquisition and renting of properties. They can also help to manage your property in Barcelona.

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