Effective house cleaning: 12 tips from a professional cleaning company

To keep your home sparkling clean, you need to be smart about the cleaning process. Cleaning companies know what effective cleaning is, how to clean quickly and efficiently. If you use tips on cleaning an apartment from professionals, you will forget what it means to spend a weekend in the company of a broom and a vacuum cleaner.

In big cities, you can easily contact a cleaning company to have professionals clean your home. Many believe that such firms use professional equipment and special expensive chemicals in their work, but this is not so. Cleaning Secrets – House Cleaning Company employees use common and affordable methods to remove various contaminants that they have checked many times.

1. The right house cleaning scheme

Experts say that one of the main mistakes in cleaning is randomness: first people clean one thing, then they switch to another, and so on. Follow the pattern – move from top to bottom, that is, wash the chandelier first, arrange things in the upper drawers, and then in the lower ones, on the windowsills and floors.

2. Cleaning chrome surfaces

On which various stains, fingerprints and other contaminants are clearly visible – on a chrome-plated surface. Cleaning company employees know a simple secret to keeping such things clean – take a soft cloth, drip olive oil on it, and then wipe the surface in a circular motion. Believe me, after such treatment, the refrigerator, stove and other products will shine beautifully.

3. Perfectly clean faucets

A problem familiar to many housewives is stains from dried water. Remove them easily using vinegar, which should be added to the water. Remember that you must wipe them with gloves so as not to irritate the skin. Vinegar can also be used to clean glass containers so that they are perfectly clear.

4. Refrigerator cleaning

Cleaning the refrigerator is a long and tedious task because you have to take out all the food, shelves and so on. To prevent the glass from looking dirty and not leaving stains, follow these simple tips – cover the shelves with parchment sheets. The paper will absorb the liquid, removing sticky spots.

5. Anti-rust

Employees of cleaning companies say that they often use lemon in cleaning. For example, this fruit copes well with rust. Soak problematic items in lemon juice or dilute acid. The holding time depends on the degree of contamination. In the end, you just need to wipe everything dry.

6. Spot removal

While doing a home manicure, have you accidentally spilled varnish on a carpet or other surface? Don’t worry, cleaning company staff know simple ways to quickly remove stains. Use vodka, which will keep the polish from drying out and make it easy to remove stains. Hydrogen peroxide, thinner and glycerin will also help in this situation.

7. Traces of stickers

Practically on any equipment, utensils and other products there are stickers glued by the manufacturer, which are very difficult to remove. Surprisingly, mayonnaise will help in this case, which should be applied in a thick layer on the stickers and left for a while so that the sticker absorbs the fat. Thanks to the fatty consistency of the sauce, they are easy to remove later.

8. Cleaning the blender

A blender is a handy helper in the kitchen, but washing it is a difficult task, because you need to take out all the elements and wipe them carefully, especially when it comes to knives. To cut down on washing time, use the simple method of pouring some water and dishwashing liquid into a bowl. Turn on the mixer for 10-15 seconds and then rinse it.

9. Furniture polishing

There are many things made of metal in the house, such as brass, silver and copper. To clean items so that they shine like new, you can use ketchup. It should be applied to a soft cloth and then wipe the dirty surface. Surprisingly, it really works.

10. Clean microwave

One of the most polluted places in the kitchen is the microwave oven, which is covered with a layer of greasy and dried food stains. You don’t need to use a steel wool to remove all the dirt – it won’t do anything. Place a plate of water in the microwave and turn it on for a few minutes. Due to the evaporation of the liquid, all stains will soften, which means that they will be very easy to remove. For extra disinfection, add lemon juice to the water.

11. Shiny forks and spoons

Forks, spoons and other cutlery can be washed in a few seconds. They should be soaked in a warm ammonia solution. It is best to pour it into a bag, put cutlery and close it tightly. Use this solution to add shine to your bathroom tiles.

12. Transparent windows

Many housewives put off cleaning windows because it is a very difficult task that requires a lot of time and effort. Effective cleaning of the apartment by professional cleaners, as it turned out, using non-industrial products. It’s very simple: add vinegar and starch to the water. This method does not leave streaks.

For many people, the word “cleaning” spoils the mood, because they immediately imagine long hours with a rag in their hand. In fact, cleaning technology is not so scary if you know a few simple and effective tricks used by employees of professional cleaning companies.

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