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Facts and tips about professional window cleaning

What does professional window cleaning include?

The process of removing dirt and grime from window panes and frames is called window washing. As a rule, specialists first clean the window frame, and then the window glass. Most of them use a damp cloth in combination with an all-purpose cleaner.

The volume of professional window cleaning depends on the size, glass surfaces, location, as well as the environment and type of window. Windows are cleaned both inside and out, as well as window sills, window frames, joints and creases.

When cleaning windows professionally, the location of the window is also taken into account. It definitely plays an important role, whether the window is on the side of the road, in the forest or in the field. When cleaning windows, proximity to water, sand, birds, etc. is of great importance.

How is professional window cleaning done?

If the window glass is heavily soiled, the dirt must first be removed. Depending on the type of dirt, the professional knows how to gently remove the dirt. But the weather also affects professional window cleaning In bright sunlight, washing the window should be postponed, because then the water on the glass dries too fast. The result is stripes.

As a rule, non-professionals do not have the necessary tools, such as foam concentrates, fine dirt blades, removers, etc. In order for a window to be washed, it must first be cleaned of dirt. For this, a blade is used. Before starting work, the joints will be vacuumed. The floor must be covered before cleaning.

How is professional window cleaning done?

This will prevent stains. Walls should also be pre-coated with protection. The window is cleared from top to bottom, left to right. A professional dip a microfiber cloth into a bucket of warm water and wring it out. Then the window is wiped. With the help of an extractor, excess water is removed relatively quickly and without interruption, directing it horizontally over the window glass.

Recent dirt and stains are removed with a dry and thin microfiber cloth. It is not necessary to use a remover, it is enough to dry the foamed glass with a microfiber cloth.

How to make sure that there are no stripes on the windows?

A professional glass cleaner draws out excess water with a squeegee that has a rubber sponge at the end.

By the way, stripes can be caused by several reasons. Contaminants such as sand, wax, silicone, insect residue, and water or cleaning agents can cause streaks. Cleaning can cause even more streaks to appear on the window. It doesn’t look good, especially the stripes are clearly visible when exposed to sunlight.

The rubber lip of the puller must be cleaned at regular intervals with a damp cloth, otherwise the puller may cause streaks. Streak-free windows are available with professional window cleaning for private households and offices.

How much does window cleaning cost?

Before ordering window cleaning, it is advisable to first familiarize yourself with the prices. Window cleaning prices may vary from company to company and include different services.

Window cleaning prices are influenced by the following factors:

  • Since the glass is cleaned both inside and outside, the number of square meters must be multiplied by two. Thus, the price per square meter depends significantly on the available glass area.
  • Cleaning window frames and window sills also affects the price.
  • The materials used, such as cleaning products, are also included in the price.
  • The level of pollution has an impact on the price.
  • Both the quantity and location, and hence the availability of glass, affect the price.
  • Additional charges apply for the use of heavy equipment and work at height.

How long does it take to clean a window?

The duration of window cleaning depends significantly on the size of the window and the property. Therefore, it does not allow, in general, to specify the required time. After you order window cleaning and specify the volume, you will get an approximate time.

If there are hard-to-reach places, such as skylights, or high-rise buildings, the duration may increase. You will also have to work hard with old windows in buildings, as they consist of several elements.
How often should windows be washed?

Windows should be cleaned regularly. If you live in an area where the air is quite dirty, windows get dirty faster. Therefore, in such places, windows have to be washed more often. Consumer Protection recommends washing windows six times a year. This corresponds to an interval of two to three months.

Of course, this is just a recommendation and you don’t need to clean the windows if they are still clean. It is up to you to decide when to wash or not wash windows. If there are children in the house, it may happen that the windows have to be washed more often. This is due to fingerprints, which limit the view.

The four seasons give rise to different weather conditions. They affect the type and degree of glass contamination. Spring is especially important. Because at this time nature wakes up. Depending on the season, the following types of pollution occur:

  • Spring: pollen and dust
  • In summer: insects, insect and bird droppings.
  • In autumn: mud and sand from the blowing wind
  • In winter: snow, ice and slush from the street

Cleaning windows in winter or summer can be very critical. In summer it can be so hot that the water on the window pane can evaporate immediately. The result is stripes that are so ugly that you definitely don’t need them. However, the water containing the cleaning agent may freeze on the glass in winter, making it even dirtier.

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