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How Real Estate Marketing Software Can Help

Being a real estate agent  can be difficult work. Attracting new business, advertising your services and convincing clients to work with you is often very difficult, given the industry and the competition. As a real estate agent or agency, you will have to source new properties, contacting the owners and convince them to use your services as well as generate awareness for your business with potential sellers using newsletters, digital flyers, social media and emails, and this only covers the section about getting new business. Once you do get it, you also have to find prospective buyers and then sell the house to them, which has its own time consuming and equally difficult processes.

Doing so many things by yourself will make it difficult for you to focus on your business. Thankfully, there is a way to make your life much easier. Real estate marketing software allows you to simplify these tasks, streamlining all the processes required to do so and automates things so that you can spend your time focusing on your business. 

How does Real Estate Marketing Software help?

Real Estate Marketing software can become an essential part of your toolkit if you use the right one. Let’s take a look at the ways it can be beneficial to you, regardless of whether you are a real estate agency, if you work for one or if you are an independent real estate agent.

  1. Find Prospective Properties

Selling a house is a difficult job. The house may need repairs, the buyers may only want cash offers, deals fall through and what not. What if you could target these houses that are on the market and convince them to work with you in order to sell their house? Real Estate Marketing Software lets you search for properties with configurable criteria options so that you can target properties that are best suited for you and your business and approach them in order to convince the owners to work with you. It can also provide you with information that can be critical in order for you to have leverage during discussions and negotiations.

  1. Targeting Properties That Aren’t On The Market

There are many sellers out there who can be convinced to sell their properties. Real Estate Marketing Software allows you to target entire neighborhoods with letters and postcards, allowing prospective sellers to contact you.

Handling Communication

Once you have identified potential properties, you need to contact them and market your services to them. While you can send them all the same email in one go, such emails are not noticed by most users and may even end up in your prospective client’s spam folder and their reject pile.

Good Real Estate Marketing Software, on the other hand, allows you to customize each letter and email using attractive templates and then send prospective clients personalized marketing material that has the best chance of converting them. 

Pivro offers real estate marketing software which, apart from scouting potential properties on and off the market, allows you to create direct-mail marketing material that is customized to prospective clients using their innovative and easy to use drag and drop editor. Once that is done, Pivro handles the printing and delivery of these materials for you. 


Regardless of whether you are a brokerage, a real estate agency or an independent real estate agent, attracting new business is always going to be an important part of your job. Real estate marketing software allows you to make your job easier by providing you with various features which can help you dramatically increase your business. Make sure that you use these tools in order to focus on your business and make it thrive!

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