Property maintenance services

Comprehensive building maintenance and property maintenance,(in general, of various types) is a complete list of services that are aimed at improving the conditions for cleaning buildings, maintaining all communication systems so that tenants and owners feel comfortable and have no problems with the operation of electrical equipment, engineering systems, air conditioners and other components.

Building maintenance with a guarantee

safe house services company is engaged in providing all types of cleaning and maintenance works for buildings in Minsk. Professionals in their field save your time, because they perform work both in residential and non-residential premises.

The standard maintenance of buildings and premises includes the following activities:

➔     High-altitude work.

➔     Planned maintenance and preparation of the building for operation.

➔     Redecorating.

➔     Garbage collection.

➔     Cleaning and cleaning of the surrounding area.

➔     Service parking area.

➔     Maintenance of ventilation, air conditioning systems and installation of plumbing.

➔     Furniture cleaning and more.

Property maintenance services include work not only with already functioning facilities, but also with those that are just being commissioned or under construction.

The range of services for putting the building into operation:

➔     Development of a scheme for the selection of the required number of personnel. Management work on the operation of buildings.

➔     Setting a plan according to the correct scheme for the operation of all systems and resource consumption.

Works on objects under construction:

➔     Assistance with the commissioning of the building.

➔     Development of schemes of adjacent territories.

➔     Preparation of technical documentation.

➔     Eliminate and predict actual delays.

➔     Financial accounts and their preparation.

➔     Services that will help organize the management of the owner of the structures preparing to launch.

Comprehensive building maintenance includes all work on the object and works with it completely, organizing a full range of services from construction to building launch. Maintenance is based only on the features of the technical equipment, which do not provide for additional services in the field of planning and documentation.

Advantages and disadvantages of integrated building maintenance

–       Budget savings. The prices offered by the contractor are 35-45% lower than the maintenance of a full-time employee.

–       There is no need for constant monitoring. The company undertakes all types of work to maintain the facility in good technical condition.

–       Complete lack of risk. Companies offering this service have quality certificates. As a rule, employees of such companies have vast experience and knowledge in this area. While a full-time employee can make many mistakes and shortcomings.

–       The cost of complex maintenance services for buildings (in 100% of cases) is included in the item “Enterprise costs”. Which will definitely please your chief accountant.

–       The speed and quality of work of the contractor is always higher than that of an employee in the state. Indeed, in large engineering companies, specialists of a wide profile work, who will always promptly perform any repair and restoration work.

–       Professional building maintenance companies have a strict quality control system, tracking incoming applications, keeping records of working hours and emergency service 24/7.

Why Should You Trust Safe House Services? 

Saving money. Our company and cooperation with it will cost less than maintaining our own staff of specialists.

Tenants and owners will not need to be distracted by these issues, because our company handles all aspects of the activity itself.

No risks. Engineering maintenance of buildings, we take on all the possible risks associated with this, calculating and adjusting all possible nuances.

The quality, speed of work and reliability as a result is much better than in the case when these issues are dealt with by their own employees.

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