What is brandjacking & ways to protect your business from it? 

What is brandjacking & ways to protect your business from it? 

Brandjacking is when an outside party inappropriately uses a well-known company’s name or logo in an effort to get access to that company’s customer base and dilute the credibility of the original brand’s intended message.

When your brand’s integrity has been compromised by unauthorized use, you risk losing customers and ultimately, revenue.

There are several precautions you may take to protect your company from brand infringement.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking strategies to guard your company against brand piracy. We’ll talk about how to secure your business as you read on.

Tactic 1# Maintain a database of your own 

Businesses typically use social media platforms to grow their client base, but there is a risk involved in doing so because you or your target market could be blocked at any time, meaning you don’t own your fan base.

Additionally, there is a significant possibility that scammers could build bogus accounts for your company on social media platforms and attract your audience to them.

Therefore, building your own email list is the best course of action.

And with the available advanced tools, the email address search process is equally straightforward.

Email address search process 

If you want to find the email addresses of your target audience, you can use email lookup tools like

Such tools work based on the principle of big data and machine learning algorithms.

Tactic 2 # Create a crisis management plan 

Because you can never be completely safe from cyber-attacks, you should develop a crisis management plan. Your team needs to be ready to respond quickly and effectively to any brand-jacking incidents that may arise.

Your support team should first receive training on how to communicate with consumers swiftly in these circumstances.

Additionally, you should assign specific tasks to team leads in each department so that the entire business can work together to lessen the crisis’s effects.

Keeping up a good public profile and satisfying your current clientele requires constant and effective communication. Therefore, it’s beneficial to write a blog post outlining the problem in depth.

For instance, your video featuring your company’s top executive could be a good idea or you should send an email to customers detailing how the assault affects their buying experience.

Tactic 3 # Invest in domain security 

Brandjacking can, in fact, harm your website.

Hacking is a threat to both brands and their customers in the modern world. As a result, domain security ought to be at the top of your priority list.

It’s time for your company to prioritize security.

But how can your website or domain be secured?

Here are some actions you may take to protect your company’s website and domain. You should try not to use the same password for all your accounts.

On the principal account connected with your website domain, enable two-factor password authentication.

Give only dependable sources access to your website’s content management system.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to purchase an SSL certificate if your business website asks visitors to submit sensitive information like credit card numbers. This will safeguard all of the visitors’ private information.

Concluding thoughts 

Brandjacking can have a negative impact on your company’s credibility. Infringers can ruin your company’s reputation in a matter of minutes.

Don’t let it happen to your brand. Follow the instructions in this article to avoid headaches for your staff and consumers.

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