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What You Need to Know About Home For Expats in Brussels

The City of Brussels, the capital of Belgium known for its hospitality, has provided great homes for expats for years now. While the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States still top the rankings when it comes to expat population, Brussels isn’t far off.Brussels city is a beautiful place known for its high standard of living and its affordable cost of living. This and many other reasons explain why there are over 200,000 expats living in Brussels.

Renting an Apartment in Brussels

In contrast to most European major cities, Brussels offers a large supply of reasonably priced apartments, making it quite easy to find a place that meets your needs.

Finding accommodation might be quite stressful on your own but there are many providers of rentals in Brussels that would offer you the best services according to your financial budget. The rent payment can be done installmentally or once a year, on terms of the agreement from both parties, the tenants and landlords. It is also advisable to get a lease if it’s more convenient for you compared to renting.

Finding an Accommodation

Most expats decide to buy a house instead of renting an apartment for the time they plan to stay in Brussels. The cost of a room varies greatly according to the size and degree of comfort, but the location can also affect the cost. Note that Brussels’s population might make things slightly difficult for expats to easily find a place when they first move in but things can be easier with professional assistance.


As an expat, you’ll find the Belgian capital as a city of communities, offering a diverse range of homes for expats in terms of areas and suburbs. Whether you’re still considering moving to Brussels or just trying to know more about what it has to offer, this concise article should have provided enough background information on what to expect. Don’t wait until you get there to start looking for accommodation. Contact a reliable rental Brussels service provider while you are still in your home country to make things easier for you.

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