How To Prepare Your Home for a Renovation

Preparing your home for a renovation can be difficult, but it is essential. You will want to take the time to clean things up, so you don’t return to construction debris and dust all over your house. Preparation is vital for a successful renovation, and there are many things homeowners can do before starting work on their homes.

This blog post will discuss how to prepare your home for renovation so you can get started! Read on.

Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Renovation

 Here are some tips on how to prepare your home for a renovation:

1. Have a List of Your Belongings

Creating a list of your belongings can help you keep track of what is going into and out of your home during the renovation process. That will also help if you need to make an insurance claim for any damages that may occur.

Create a list on paper or in a digital document, and take pictures of all your belongings. Include furniture, appliances, and small items like jewelry.

Tip: Keep your list updated as you pack up belongings to take them to the renovation site. That way, you won’t forget anything!

2. Protect Your Floors

Protecting your floors is essential because they will be the most trafficked area of your home during the renovation process. Covering them with a protective layer can keep them clean and free from damage.

There are many ways to protect your floors during a renovation. You can use disposable plastic or cloth coverings, protective mats, or newspapers.

Tip: One of the easiest ways to protect your floors is by purchasing a roll of drop cloth from most hardware stores and using it as a makeshift floor.

3. Store Your Belongings Safely

When you prepare your home for renovation, storing some of your belongings can keep them safe. If they will not be in use during the process, it is best to move them elsewhere until the project is complete.

Some items that will need storage include furniture and appliances that won’t fit into your new space. There are many ways to store your belongings safe during a renovation. You can place them in boxes and stack them in a designated area of your home or find a storage unit such as Safestore.

Tip: If you choose to store your belongings in boxes, label them with what is inside and the date you packed them. This will help when it comes time for unpacking after construction.

4. Update Your Security System

If you leave your home vacant for an extended time, it is good to update your security system. It will keep your belongings safe and secure while you are away.

You can either hire a professional security company or install a DIY system. If you choose the latter, research the options and pick the best system for your needs.

Tip: If you have pets, include them in your security plans. Some systems allow you to create a “pet zone” so they can move around freely without triggering the alarm.

Preparing your home for renovation can seem daunting, but it is crucial to avoid any problems down the road. By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth process and minimize the stress of renovating your home!

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